Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Health Assessment Patient Education Project

Your patient education project is a great opportunity for you to practice taking information you learn in class and in your textbook and translate it for your patients in a way that can be easily understood. By completing this project you will also learn how to present information in way that is appropriate for the patient population you are targeting.

Read your Health Assessment syllabus for the details of the assignment. Your topic must be on a disease process or health promotion topic in one of the following systems: Breast & Female Genitalia or Prostate, Rectum & Male Genitalia.

Remember that you CANNOT use websites as a source. Your references must include your textbook and a minimum of three scholarly journal articles. Liberty University has an excellent Library site that provides students with access to numerous healthcare databases tailored to meet the needs of nursing students. (See previous posts for tips on using the Liberty Library databases).  

Choose a topic that interests you. Also, verify that your instructor approves your topic before you start researching and writing.

Be creative with your presentation. You can present your information in a pamphlet, cardboard trifold, scrapbook, booklet, poster, or other creative design. Make your project colorful. If possible, include pictures that will bring your information to life. (The cardboard trifold pictured above was purchased last year at Walmart).

Make sure to write your project at an age-appropriate reading level for your patient population. Don’t use medical jargon that will overwhelm or confuse your patient. If you need to use words that are not commonly understood by non-medical professionals, be sure to define them.

Make sure your work is neat and that you use proper American Psychological Association (APA) citation. There are several APA manuals in Liberty’s Library. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is also helpful site you can use as a quick reference.

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