Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elsevier Resources

Some of you may already know about the resources available on the Elsevier website; however, I am one of the students who did not realize online practice questions, chapter summaries (called Key Points), and sample nursing diagnoses were available online through Elsevier's website until I was a junior in the nursing program.

Resources I have found particularly helpful to me have been the online practice questions and Key Points for Pharmacology and Medical Surgical Nursing as well as the care plan tools for the Nursing Diagnosis Handbook (Care Plan Constructor). I have recently started using the Care Plan Constructor to guide me in selecting the top three nursing diagnoses for my patient care plans. This tool allows you to match a particular nursing diagnosis to various symptoms, diagnoses, and procedures.

In order to use these resources, you will need to start an account with Elsevier, an opportunity which is completely free of charge. Once you've created an account you can add textbooks to your My Evolve by visiting the Evolve Catalog. Next click on Evolve Resources, enter the name of the book or author of the book you wish to register for (e.g. Fundamentals/Potter and Perry), and click on the book cover you wish to select. Click Register For This Now. The subtotal should be $0.00, so click REDEEM/CHECKOUT. Next click the box to accept the agreement, and hit submit. Resources should then appear for the textbook you selected in the My Evolve section of the website.

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